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There is no correlation between height and sex in the Miniature size.

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Goldendoodles who find themselves in the shelter or at a rescue group because of a death or other tragedy in their former human family usually go through a mourning period.

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She's keen to do what we ask as long as she understands it. More…

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Also, if you do not want the hassle of raising and training a young pup, in addition to younger puppies I have well mannered and socialized older pups started in obedience. More…

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"Originally, these "designer dogs" were bred to help people. Wally Conron, a dog breeder in Australia was the first to breed the Labradoodle 22 years ago. A blind lady came to him and wanted a guide dog that didn't shed. No brainer, thought he, and he gave her a Standard Poodle. But unfortunately, it was soon discovered that Standard Poodles don't have the temperament to be good guide dogs. So Wally went back to the drawing board and decided, what the hey, I'll take a Labrador and a Standard Poodle and breed them!Voila.

They make excellent pets and service dogs, and because they are part poodle, they generally shed very little.

Riley came to us during the holiday season and between the holidays, difficult weather and the Flu, Sue and Jim still managed to get Riley to us.

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