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Coat colors commonly include white, apricot, cream and red.

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We still can't get over the fact that she doesn't shed.

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Never biting, just making his presence known and standing his ground like a good guard dog. More…

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Last week, however he developed a spot on his leg that I could not manage with homeopathics Florasone Cream and triple antibiotic ointment. More…

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A long, narrow or blockhead is a fault. Ears Set moderately flat against head and should be level with eye. Leather should be of medium thickness, when gently drawn forward should reach the top canine tooth. Ear leather reaching beyond the tip of the nose is considered a server fault. Ear canal should be free of excessive hair and not thick or bulbous. When inquisitive or alert the ear should rise to the top of the head. Thick, heavy ear leather is a fault. Eyes Slightly round, large and expressive, always offering eye to eye contact when engaged in activity with humans. Protruding or sunken eyes are a fault. Watery or tearful eyes are a fault. Wide round or narrow almond shape is considered a fault.

When mixing breeds together, there is no telling what the dog could turn out to be like.

We traveled 5 hours home with her with NO problems at all after picking her up.

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