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What’s the alternative?I just vaccinated my 13 1/2 yr old Maltese with the flea and ticks shot!Also, my original question on here was about the use of corticosteroids.

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We also give her two short walks in the evening.

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Most Labradoodle breeders no longer breed the F1 generation Labradoodle due to the higher incidence of shedding in the F1 Labradoodle coat. More…

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Junie is friendly as can be and loves romping around with other dogs. More…

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These adorable dogs have floppy ears and a long tail. We are a small 80 acre Ranch, located in Huntington, Arkansas, where we have plenty of room for our dogs to run and be dogs. Each of our dogs is a member of our family and loved as such. When we have puppies our goal is to place healthy, happy and well loved puppies with likeminded families. We raise our puppies with a hands on approach from the moment they are born. Working very closely with our Veterinarian we ensure that all the puppies are healthy and have a great start in life.

We have many wonderful memories with Oakley over the years.

The ideal at home routine includes brushing a pet’s teeth regularly, with short sessions to start with.

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